Heidi in her more mobile days

Of course, with all of the weddings going on, as I mentioned in my previous post, we inevitably get invited to sometimes more than one in an evening.  Tonight we went to share bukhari with our “landlord” and foreman, Dakhilallah, in honor of his grandson’s marriage.  I actually have never had roz bukhari before, but it is served similar to mansaf – in a large, circular tray at least a meter in diameter – but in addition to the typical rice and goat and roasted almonds there are more veggies, and spices more typical of Indian, rather than Levantine, dishes, making it a (slightly) lighter meal.

However, I and Jennifer, our newly appointed Assistant Director, had to leave early to transport one of our students who fell while hiking to the hospital.  Heidi was very disappointed to have to leave the impromptu camping/hiking trip to get a couple of stitches in her knee – but the cut was very deep and I’m glad that she opted to come back rather than make it through the night.  The doctor insists on at least 7 days of rest, so she is upset that she won’t be back in the field anytime soon.  Luckily for her, there are lots of in-camp options to choose from – helping with animal or human bone processing, sorting of ceramic sherds (which in some areas can number 1600 from ONE stratified deposit in a day), washing the ceramics, or helping the conservator with data entry.

Of course, the entire ER visit – x-rays, stitches, local anesthetic, consultation with an orthopedist and surgeon – cost 74 Jordanian Dinars, or about US$100.  Amazing.

Monastery at Petra, courtesy of http://www.iulian-jinga.com/

Tomorrow brings a much-needed day off.  Most students will use this day to either catch up on sleep and leisurely activities, while others plan to use it exploring Petra beyond the city center most frequently visited by tourists.  Those on the camping trip will be hiking to ed-Deir, or the “monastery” via the “back route” from Beidha to the south.

I’m just looking forward to sleeping beyond 5 am.

Megan Perry