Finding fragments of ceramic lamps in deposits from the Classical period in Jordan is nothing to write home about.  However, we have found more complete lamps on this excavation than I have ever seen.  I love them – I think they harken back to some kind of Tales of Scheherazade fantasy construed when I was a kid.  No photos yet – we have to respect the Department of Antiquities’ protocol that they get first dibs in releasing the results of our excavation to the “media” – even social media.  But they are sweet little things.

We now also have pretty clear evidence on the date of the city wall – but mum’s the word!!!  The funny thing is, Petra has been excavated since the 1920s, and the city wall has been mapped even before then – but no one has confirmed the date!  Needless to say, the evidence points to a different date from what has been hypothesized…

Ashley excavates in Area A

Tomorrow we get our total station batteries.  I left Greenville with our oldest of 3 total stations within our department – I always figure that with the beating it gets being hauled across the ocean, I shouldn’t use one of the newer ones.  I was in such a hurry when I left that I forgot to definitively check the batteries.  They are now too old to hold a charge.  Thankfully, with the generosity of ECU’s Anthropology’s Department, and a colleague from U of Chicago who happened to be traveling to Amman this past weekend, we will have brand-new batteries tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to shooting in all of the new structures and features that we have uncovered!

Megan Perry